Artek Stool 60 Sleeping Beauty

Sustainable design born 90 years ago: Stool 60

August 24, 2023 by Naomi Moriyama

Artek 2nd Cycle celebrates Stool 60’s 90th Anniversary with the “Decades” exhibition

Today’s business discussion would not be complete unless it included sustainability, but was it so 90 years ago?

Three bent wooden legs, one flat circular seat and nine nails. Stool 60 (1933) is a minimalist, functionalist, original sustainable invention that has endured in longevity and durability.

In Japan, Artek Tokyo collaborated with Paris-based Japanese architect Tsuyoshi Tane, and created “Stool 60 Sleeping Beauty,” the 90th Anniversary limited edition.

Tane buried raw birch sections from Finland in soils collected from different sites in Japan. He achieved, after numerous experiments, three different hues, yellow, black and white, as wood’s fiber absorbed the unique minerals and compounds of the soils.

These limited editions are available at Artek Tokyo only.

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