May 26, 2023 By Naomi Moriyama

How do we reverse the global warming? Mimic the Nature. That’s exactly what SPINNOVA® did to create the world’s most sustainable fibre: 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable and 0% microplastics. Their first global-commercial-scale factory that produces zero pollution and zero waste operated by Woodspin just opened in Jyväskylä in Central Finland. The Spinnova fibre production process uses zero harmful chemicals, 99.5% less water and emits 74.2% less CO2 than conventional cotton production. It was such an honor to tour the factory, to touch freshly spun fluffy fibre, to listen to the people who have built it talk about their vision, journey, collaborators, accomplishments and future goals, and to report it so more people know about Spinnova Fibre! You may have a product or two that can be made with it in which case, just call them up!

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