Foraging Yellowfoot

Yellowfoot mushrooms (Craterellus tubaeformis) grow late into the autumn. When I went waking in a national park in Helsinki, I found so many unexpectedly. Here are some beauty shots from the forests to my kitchen counter.

Perho Töölö Proffa Facade Photo: Naomi Moriyama

Perho Learning Diary Day 1

In September 2023, I started a travel guide services professional degree program at Perho Liiketalousopisto (Culinary, Travel & Business Collage). It is a comprehensive hands-on course with a goal of becoming a certified hospitality industry guide. On this page, I keep a learning journal.

The photo of the Oiva Toikka illustrations on the Proffa facade is grainy because the weather was overcast on the first day. I will take another one on another day, and replace it with a sunny version.

NORDIC KOIVU in a basket

フィンランド北カレリア県の大自然から届ける食のシンフォニー 03

フィンランド北カレリア県のNORDIC KOIVU白樺樹液は、世界で一番清らかな地下水を吸収して育つ白樺から採集され、世界の飲料業へ提供されている。


Naomi Moriyama Photo Elina Simonen

Press: PAPERSKY Japan Stories 日本語

May 22, 2023 著・インタビュー 唐川 靖弘

Press: PAPERSKY Japan Stories English

May 22, 2023 Interviewer and Text Yasuhiro Karakawa

Grön Dish Photo credit: Toni Kostian

Finland: 2023 Top 100 Restaurants

Viisi Tähteä (Five Star) Media Announces at the Helsinki Messukeskus during the Spring Fair
ヘルシンキ Messukeskus 展示会場『春見本市」でトップ100レストランを発表


フィンランド北カレリア県の大自然から届ける食のシンフォニー 02

KAAVI PORCINI のポルチーニはカレリア地域の森で採集されてから24時間以内に『超』乾燥し密封パッケージする。これが、鮮度、色、風味、栄養素を保つ秘訣だ。

Milja Kopsi, program leader, Mimmit Koodaa Credit: Ohjelmisto- ja e-business ry

Finland: The Power of Women in STEM 01

March 24, 2023 / Updated on March 27, 2023 Grassroots Mimmit Koodaa (Women Code) To Bring Gender Equity Your Fitness Accessory … More