Perho Learning Diary Day 1

September 20, 2023

Perho Hospitality Guide Services Professional Degree

Perho Töölö Proffa Facade
Perho Töölö Proffa Building Facade with Oiva Toikka Illustrations Photo: Naomi Moriyama

September 12, 2023 | Day 1

Course Orientation

The travel guide services professional degree program started at Perho Töölö. I was filled with positive excitement. The classroom for the lessons this week is in the modern Proffa building across a pedestrian path from Perho Culinary School. The building facade is adorned with Oiva Toikka’s original illustrations.

The teacher gave a detailed course overview, degree structure, schedule, learning materials, and additional helpful information in Finnish. I could understand her a little thanks to the intensive Finnish language courses I took in Spring and late Summer. It was extremely helpful that I could read all the slides she was showing with the help of Google translate.

Students introduced themselves in a language of her/his/their choice.

IT Lesson

We moved to an IT classroom in the Perho building.

Spiral staircase in Perho Liiketalousopisto
Photo: Naomi Moriyama
Spiral Staircase in Perho Building Photo: Naomi Moriyama

The students created personal accounts and learned to log into the learning platform of Perho.

IT Lesson   Photo: Naomi Moriyama
IT Lesson Photo: Naomi Moriyama

Perho History

In the hallway, the school timeline is displayed.

Perho History Timeline Photo: Naomi Moriyama
Perho Timeline Photo: Naomi Moriyama

After the IT class, the students traced the way back out of the Perho building. We took a break. Most of us went to Alepa next door to get coffee, beverages, and/or snacks.

Back in Proffa, we continued the program.

On Day 2 we will have an English-language guided walking tour in the center of Helsinki!

The Students Going Down the Spiral Staircase in Perho
Photo: Naomi Moriyama
The Students Going Down the Spiral Staircase in Perho Photo: Naomi Moriyama

The Perho School Slogan

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