When the sky is blue ….

December 18, 2021

When the sky is blue, I grab my favorite blanket Metsikkö and a good book (wink, wink), and head outside to perch in the sun. This time of the year, my choice of beverage is either non-alcoholic glögi with sliced almonds and dried berries, or vegan hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Here I am sitting at one of my favorite spots — by a half-frozen bay — at one of my favorite cafes, Regatta.

The Metsikkö wool blanket reminds me of Linus van Pelt from Charles Schultz’s Peanuts gang, or rather his blanket. With Metsikkö, I am always warm, comfortable and safe in the old pristine forests rich with mushrooms and berries, and some gentle and wise animals watching over me. And I am rereading the chapter “The Mushroom Queen” starting on page 61.