Garden Day 002

May 22, 2022

Gardening Tools at Bust Stop
Deep Garden Box
Sweet Potatoes
Transplanted Sweet Potato
Transplanted Sweet Potato
Transplanted Sweet Potato
Edible Flower Seeds Ready to Go

Transplanting Sweet Potatoes

Some sweet potatoes we left in a dark room sprouted and started growing vines and leaves a month or two ago.

I placed them in water containers and set them on a kitchen window sill. It was time to transplant them in the garden.

I chose one of the deeper garden boxes which previous owners left for the potatoes.

Edible Flowers

Hearing that we had a garden, a friend of mine who is a forager, a gardener, a recipe developer and a food writer gave me a packet of edible flower seeds.

I sawed them in one of the shallow boxes. I can not wait to pick some flowers and garnish plates!

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