Garden Day 001

May 13, 2022

Garden Center
Parked a Car at a Garden Center
Garden Center
We’ve Come to a Right Place!
Cherry Blossom Trees
Cherry Blossom Trees. Oh I Wish I Had a Big Backyard.
Piles of Compost Soil at the Garden Center
Huge Bags of Chopped Hay Ground Cover at the Garden Center
Mulch and Ground Cover
Ready to Load Bags of Mulch, Chopped Hay, and Gardening Tools into the Car
Organic Compost Soil
Organic Compost Soil
Plant Ground Cover
Plant Ground Cover

Blue Sky

The weather could not have been better on this Garden Day 001!

Garden Center

The first stop: a huge garden center, immediately off a highway exit, a few minutes drive from our newly acquired garden plot.

A recipe of the “No-Till” farming method, aka a lasagna method, I found on the Internet in my hand, I walked through a vast array of plants — a gardener’s dream world.

Cherry Blossom Trees

On the way to finding a gardening expert, I spotted beautiful Cherry trees. “Oh, I wish I had a backyard to plant these beauties,” I heard my voice in my head.

Expert Advises

It turned out that the no-till recipe is for those who have big yards, therefore, have their own fallen leaves and branches they collect, and fresh cut grass clippings.

The expert at the store told me that they did not sell either dried chopped leaves nor fresh cut grass, and that mulches they sell are essentially the finished products of the recipe. She pointed me to bags of compost soil.

For composted manure, she suggested I take chicken’s poo (dried). In the end I bought “vegan” chicken poo which does not smell while the other one does. I said, “I do not want to annoy my garden neighbors.”

Transporting Goods

I estimated that I could use 16 bags, 40 Liter each, of the mulch to begin with the garden boxes, but only 11 bags fit in the car, in addition to a 150 Liter of cut hay. We decided to come back for more when I am finished with the first batch.

After loading all the bags and tools into the car, my question was, “How am I going to bring them from the parking lot to our garden plot!?”

To be continued.

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