Gifts and Messages from the Universe

Mach 22, 2020

About two months ago I started to follow the coronavirus news which was intensifying by minute in Japan because I was scheduled to travel on business to Tokyo at the end of February.

After a few days of watching what was unfolding in Asia, and being directly affected by the situations (the trip was postponed for now), I had a sudden revelation that this was one giant gift/message from the universe.

Was the revelation an unconscious protective mechanism that my body-mind instituted to protect my mind-body from any anxieties, harms and pains potentially caused by the waves of the alternate reality?

Call me crazy.

I deeply felt the sensation in my gut.

So here are the gifts and messages I have been experiencing:


  • Introspection
  • Focus on oneself — time and space for myself
  • Renewed deep connections with loved ones — thanks to digital technologies
  • Health
  • Back to essentials


  • Respect nature
  • Treasure and maintain health
  • Prioritize
  • Interconnect
  • Life goes on

What are yours?

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