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Garden Day 003

May 29, 2022

Tiny Lettuce Leaves
Purple Lettuces Sprout
Rhubarb Flower Bud
Rhubarb Flower Bud
Giant Rhubarb Leaves
Rhubarb Bush 01
Rhubarb Bush 02

Purple Lettuce Leaves Emerge

One week after the sawing the seeds, I returned to the garden plot to prepare planting areas and to uproot weeds.

To my delight, tiny lettuce leaves have sprouted in the garden boxes.

When I had a community garden plot in Westchester County, New York, over a decade ago, almost all young tender leaves were eaten by bugs as soon as they came out.

I was thrilled to see beautiful healthy leaves without any bite mark this time.

Giant Rhubarbs

Two rhubarbs came with the plot. One of them has produced beautiful pink and creamy green flower buds that resemble cauliflowers.

Stems have grown longer and leaves larger since I was here a week ago. The stems were still green. I decided not to harvest until some turned red.

Although I did not plant nor grow these rhubarbs, it was such a joy to witness tremendous growth of life in the garden.

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